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At JAB Fitness, we completed a total lighting package that included interior and exterior lighting replacements, as well as the installation of nine smart thermostats throughout the facility. The project has already resulted in approximately $600 in energy savings per month, which equates to more than $7,000 in annual savings.

Project Overview

JAB Fitness is a fully-operational physical training facility located in Tempe, Arizona. The gym features everything from traditional workout equipment to professional trainers and combat sports classes. It includes both indoor and outdoor options for members to train and exercise.

With an operation that features dozens of athletes partaking in high-intensity workouts, the operator is responsible for keeping a comfortable environment for members at all times. We knew that we could help reduce energy costs, while maintaining and even improving the overall atmosphere.

JAB decided to go with a complete lighting retrofit that included switching over to an LED system, both inside and outside the gym. We also provided a way for them to control the temperature throughout the facility without using unnecessary energy in empty rooms.

Our Challenge

As mentioned above, JAB Fitness was in need of a complete lighting package that included both interior and exterior replacements. After our energy assessment expert walked through the facility and provided a detailed estimate with various lighting options, we chose to go with a combination of 4-foot LED tubes, 60-watt wall packs, 150-watt parking lot lamps and nine smart thermostats to complete the project.

LED bulbs can reduce the overall wattage and energy usage, while providing better lighting and cooler temperatures. The heat emitted from a lighting system is often overlooked, and in a workout facility, it can prove to be especially irritating when you’re already working up a sweat. Smart thermostats allow our customers to program a timed schedule to keep the environment as comfortable as possible for everyone in the gym, while reducing energy when a room isn’t being used.

Our Success

On the exterior lighting alone, we were able to reduce the previously-used 400-watt lamps to 150-watt LED lights, resulting in significant savings. We also installed nine smart thermostats, allowing the operators to better maintain the gym’s temperature without using unnecessary energy to cool empty rooms. By simply programming specific times into the thermostat, they are able to significantly reduce the expended energy. In other words, if there are no classes taking place during a certain time period, there is no need to cool the room.

From an interior lighting perspective, we decided to replace their 32-watt fluorescent bulbs with 4-foot, 12-watt LED tubes. These provide a brighter display by emitting a higher lumen output, while reducing the wattage and energy usage at the same time. The benefits extend far beyond brightness, with our customers saving on energy from the reduced wattage and the cooler temperatures that LED bulbs give off. In addition, fluorescent bulbs tend to need replacement within a 2-to-3-year time frame, while LED tubes often last five years or more.

A fitness facility like JAB requires the highest quality surroundings. Members are partaking in high-intensity workouts with heavy weights and large equipment. Not only do they need to be able to see what’s happening in front of them, but they also need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Furthermore, it is imperative that JAB keeps the temperatures at a steady rate to maintain an operational environment, especially in a state like Arizona, where it can get to well over 100 degrees on a consistent basis at times throughout the year.

Overall, we installed 258 lighting measures and nine smart thermostats, resulting in approximately $600 in energy savings per month.

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